Super Mario Bros Z is a sprite series made by Alvin Earthworm. The series is very popular despite being cancelled however, it is gonna be remade.


One day, Mario bros and Wario bros were racing when Bowser attack, however after fighting the bros met Sonic and Shadow who ask them to look for the Chaos Emeralds, however Yoshi who also helped find one, Mecha Sonic, the Main antagonist attack him, Sonic explain who were they from and why the emeralds are so important and how Mecha Sonic exist, they met Mario's other foes like the Koopa Bros and Amex Rangers, later on they met Mario's allies like Stuff well and Goombella. Episode 8 which is assume the last episode before the series got cancelled have Shadow betraying the others and Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Sonic decide to save Peach from Bowser, however Mario got beaten by Bowser's new minion and Luigi, Yoshi, and Sonic turns to stone.

Reptetion and lecacyEdit

The series gotten a lot of fans, however due to it being cancelled, the fanbase decide to finish it or make series base on it. Fans love the series it took Sprite Series to a new level.

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